Friday, October 21, 2016

FLOTUS lies for former FLOTUS

Michelle Obama is stumping today for and lying for Hillary Clinton. She continues to put words in Trump's mouth about the election, even though in 2008 Mrs. Clinton's campaign claimed the Obama group fixed the Iowa votes.

 Michelle Obama gets that quaky shaky voice--very effective unless you just heard it about lewd talk (and she wasn't referring to Jay-Z lyrics that she allows the children to listen to). These people on the left are really, really worried. Race is tightening even with throwing in Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and both Obamas into the mix. 

President Obama's now attacking Senator Rubio. Scared for the Senate. Obama must be terrified that the next president will damage his legacy of destroying our health care. Trump has no help from his party, and no political buddies to campaign for him and only a smidgen of the money compared to Hillary's campaign chest, funded by foreign governments.

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