Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mrs. Clinton's sideline business--her Foundation

The problem with the missing Clinton e-mails is that as more has come out about her accepting money for her Foundation for favors, or implied access (from the Wikileaks e-mails), this may be the primary reason for the personal server, even if it wasn't the motivation for the investigation of the server. She couldn't run her sideline business on a government server! And it may be the reason Huma was sending e-mails to her home laptop for "printing." If she tried to print it on a government printer, someone might see it (wireless stores the information).  And that laptop may be where those missing e-mails are stored. And that will take a lot of time to sort through and not anger or blow the cover of politicians of countries that are our allies who were buying favors from the Secretary of State. No proof, of course.

 Why would Mrs. Clinton with her vast experience as a lawyer and Secretary of State even suggest FBI Comey should release more information on the e-mails before they are carefully examined?  "Get it all out there so the voters can judge for themselves" is not something you do with evidence in an FBI or pedophile case.

 I heard a report that if you voted early, in some states that can be reversed. I've got some friends and relatives you might want to check on that.
Poll numbers are showing a tightening. Washington Post must be having a meltdown—it has tried so hard to deep six Trump. But it’s too soon to be about the Comey FBI investigation of the Weiner/Abedin laptop. I think it’s because of the Obamacare increases, which have been significant in some states. The President lied—said it was about 25%, but it’s much higher. Actually, he lied from the beginning about this “health care.” Even the news about “Bill Clinton, Inc.” probably hasn’t affected the polls. Each new scandal keeps bumping the other off the page, and Americans are getting Clinton scandal fatigue.

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