Saturday, October 01, 2016

More on fish oil--tips from a librarian--me

Several days ago when I posted about bursitis and Fish Oil someone asked me about brand or dose. I've found 2 good articles, and if you're linked to a Public Library with databases, here are the titles, "Groundbreaking study reveals new mechanism behind fish oils' health benefits," Life Extension, Sept. 2012; and "Report: Maximizing Omega-3 health benefits," Life Extension, June 2014. Both articles have extensive bibliographies--over 200 citations between them. Covers metabolic syndrome, asthma, COPD, cardiovascular disease, cognition (happy to know it might stop cognitive decline of aging), and cancer. The 2nd article talks about using both fish oil and Krill oil (I thought they were the same). 

Penny pincher tip: when I print from a database off site, I always check the page arrangement, and sometimes depending on layout, you can save 4 pages of printing. 

The database I used was Ebsco's Alt Health Watch, and the only limiter I used was Full Text because I don't like to read on screen and knew I'd print if I found something.

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