Monday, October 17, 2016

Who are the Nazis in this campaign?

There are just too many people out there on the internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  who don't have a clue what the political ideology of National Socialism (Nazis) is. It means state control, i.e. it's statism. The only difference between it and Communism is scope. That's Hillary Clinton's style and ideology. She's always been in public office and capable of passing laws, regulations and accepting money from rich friends in banking and foreign governments for political purposes. That's not Donald Trump who has been a business man and has no political power at all, and almost no political power within the federal government. 

The broadcast media, from which up to 24 million get their news, are supporting Mrs. Clinton 23:1 in coverage of various scandals which they both bring to the election--his are sexual, hers international. This is a precursor of what you will get if you elect her. Once a politician owns the media, the entertainment industry, and academe, it's all over. That's statism, that's Mrs. Clinton, not someone on twitter saying silly things.

Good Golly Miss Molly--don't they learn anything in school these days? (Or my day, since many of you are over 60.)

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