Saturday, October 08, 2016

Both Clintons should return to Haiti and shovel mud

Hillary Clinton failed Haiti as Secretary of State. Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation allowed their donors to do the rebuilding (U.S. tax dollars paid them) instead of those non-profits that had experience. They didn't listen to the Haitians about what they needed. To make way for the new industrial park the Clinton promoted as a "model," hundreds of farmers were removed from their land and given meager compensation in return. Many are now unemployed. The State Department and its partners said the park would create 65,000 jobs when fully operational.  Nearly four years later, there are just over 9,000 employees. Workers that Circa spoke with make the equivalent of $3.81 per day.

 Friends of the Clintons made out like bandits. The Haitian people still suffer. Now we've had Hurricane Matthew--don't believe anyone who has donated to the Clinton Foundation, or their relatives.

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