Saturday, October 01, 2016

Democrats, the party of choice, had none

"According to Politico, [Trump's] attack plan includes accusations of "ethical red flags" at the Clinton Foundation, including criticism of a uranium deal approved by Clinton's State Department after her foundation received large donations from people with stakes in the deal; Clinton's relationship with Irish telecom billionaire Denis O'Brien; Clinton's six-figure speaking engagements; and a 2009 deal over disclosing the identities of American account-holders that the State ...Department concluded with Swiss bank UBS, a Clinton Foundation donor."

The Republicans elected their candidate through a long, bloody primary contest which eliminated some highly qualified people and threw the old guard into a frenzy, both inside and outside the beltway. The Democrats did not get to elect their candidate, the ultimate insider, because she was chosen and anointed by the DNC with only poor old Socialist Bernie to temporarily become a Democrat so he could run. If there are honest or better qualified Democrats somewhere out in the states, we never heard from them. Her multiple scandals also envelop Obama, so I doubt that the FBI or IRS or SCOTUS will ever bring her to justice for her pay to play schemes.

We are unapologetically a banana republic, but instead of bananas we export corruption to keep our leaders wealthy and in power. We have no moral standing to criticize Putin, or Rouhani or Netanyahu or even Kim Jong-Un.

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