Sunday, October 16, 2016

CNN's history of Hillary

I missed that program on the Clinton News Network about Hillary Clinton. Can you name something she accomplished? Here’s the accomplishments I remember.
  1. She tried to take over health care while FLOTUS after she got 30 year civil service employees fired in the travel department.
  2.  She neither sponsored or co-sponsored any significant legislation while a New York Senator (classic carpetbagger--looking for an open seat rather than go back to Arkansas), although she did make promises to some in Wall Street which she's following up on as payback for donations to her Foundation.
  3. As Secretary of State she was the midwife of ISIS running guns to Syrian rebels when Benghazi blew up in her face.
  4.  She lied about being under fire in Bosnia (or was that as Senator?)
  5.  Since she met Bill in college she's been supporting him and threatening the women he's either assaulted or been having consensual sex while being a champion of women who are assaulted.
She's accomplished a lot with no talent for anything except building a power base--probably more than Trump who’s never held elective office or cheated the American public, only made money, jobs, and talked dirty like most guys.

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