Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My first piano teacher

Hacked e-mails. Have you ever gotten an e-mail from someone with no subject, and just a link? I don't know where that link goes, but I don't click. I've had two this week. Today it was from Helena Patlak. Now, I do know a woman by that name and she died in 2012. When I was 8 and she was 16 and we lived in Forreston, IL she was my piano teacher (Helena Tinklenberg, daughter of the Reformed pastor and organist at his church). Some years ago through the magic of the internet I located her and said "Hi, how are you," and she probably responded, "Who are you?" and so I ended up in her address box, and six years later that is hacked. How does this work--who profits? Yesterday, I got a no subject line message from Win and Gracia with a link, missionaries from Alaska whose newsletters I used to get years ago.  I didn't click.

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