Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Marriage won't fix these problems of disease and disorder

The CDC has reported that men who have sex with men contract HIV at 44x the rate of men who don’t.  New syphilis cases are 81.7%  MSM. During 2011–2015, the chlamydia rate in men increased 20.0%, compared with a 0.3% increase in women. Gonorrhea is increasing 3x faster among men than women.  Oral and anal sex, multiple sex partners including bisexual behavior with girlfriends or wives, and IV drug use will do that.  Men who have sex with men also have much higher rates of suicide, eating disorders, depression and addiction.  As any heterosexual couple can tell you, a marriage certificate issued by the state doesn’t fix you if you’re a mess.  Marriage doesn’t solve deep seated unhappiness, self esteem, career losses, unemployment, rejection by loved ones or distorted body image. Unfortunately, that’s the direction the LGBTQ torchbearers went--legal marriage intended for establishing families the foundation of society.  Rather than work for legal recognition for a lifestyle that fit their needs--perhaps a 5 year contract or unique financial regulations for support--they demanded complete acceptance from churches, government, society and family--a “just as if” marriage.  That became the goal; not the betterment of their followers.  And they got it. 

What about gay men and women who don’t have someone to love, or don’t have a toned and buff body to show off at the gym, or who don’t want to be political, or who don’t want to come out to mom and dad?  Too bad.  LGBTQ “leaders”  turned their vast war chest and efforts to the tiny fraction of vulnerable people, less than one percent, who are confused about their biology and birth certificates, victims of a fraud turning into a billion dollar industry.

Suggested reading: Alex P. Serritella, “Transgenda; abuse and regret in the sex-change industry,” Bookstand publishing, 2016, ISBN 978-1-63498-355-6.



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Anonymous said...

I see the article on ExGen problems focuses on the doctors and on the companies that make the tests, but doesn't demand the men change their behavior. It seems to be everyone else's fault that using their bodies in a way they were not designed is the problem for society to solve.