Monday, October 03, 2016

The Climate Change scam

I live in Ohio and see evidence of climate change all around. There's coal to the south of me and the Great Lakes to the north of me, with rich farm land in the middle. The state used to be under a glacier called the Illinoian about 300,000 years ago and more recently the Wisconsinan, about 24,000 years ago. Our two huge ancient rivers, the Erigans and the Teays were destroyed by glaciers. No smoke stacks, no algae from farmers, and no people messing things up, just sun, ocean and earth movements. Lake Erie didn't exist yet. About 14,000 years ago the glacier retreated and gouged out Lake Erie for us. 

We are not in charge here although we do have a serious responsibility to take care of planet earth (and she's not our "mother," btw) and need to cooperate in keeping our lakes and rivers clean so we can use them. Taxing us to send money out of the country to some global get rich bureaucracy is a waste.

"In the realm of climate scientism, the rule seems to be: If the facts don’t support your argument, talk louder, twist the facts, and insult your opponents. That’s certainly what self-styled global warming “experts” like Al Gore and Bill Nye are doing. Rather than debating scientists who don’t accept false claims that humans are causing dangerous climate change, they just proclaim more loudly. . ." Dr. Willie Soon.

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