Thursday, October 13, 2016

Recovery from the death of a beloved pet

I packed up all Lotsa Spotsa's kitty things (our calico who died Monday) with her cat food and litter in a big shopping bag and looked up the address of Cat Welfare where we found her in 1999 to donate them. Stopped to browse the adoptable cats--female, adult, small, colorful, friendly. Big mistake. Maybe I'd better wait awhile.

But I did have to laugh at this story on the website about a successful placement:
"We lost George, our 17-year-old cat, at the end of June 2015. He was such a good friend and companion that we knew we could not replace him for a long, long time. And when we did, we knew we'd replace him with another calm, older cat. We waited eight days. Then we adopted these three goofy kittens. They were tiny when we got them, however, they have grown into their current collective nickname, "The Fatties." They shed too much and stink fairly often and destroy most everything but they are big, happy healthy girls -- sisters -- who we love to pieces and we couldn't imagine life without them. George would be appalled but, on some level, would probably grudgingly approve."
 Happy Home - Rosie, Lucy and Scully


Nancy said...

Our 14 year old inside-outside kitty died a few weeks ago. He was totally black with fairly long hair, but he hardly shed at all. He was such a very satisfactory pet in that he didn't need a lot of attention, only sought petting in a predictable pattern (just as we went to bed every night) and never required a litter box! The worst part was having to tell my 22-year old daughter who had brought him home from the junkyard when she was 8. We went to the junkyard to pick up a car part for my mechanic husband and in the office were 3 tiny kittens--we left with the black one. He came with a good story, too. His father, another junkyard cat, had been found in the trunk of a wrecked car that was headed for the crushing machine. Thus, his name, Crusher. Our black kitty was "Smudge" that morphed into 'Mudge. I was actually in Columbus at a conference when my husband found Mudge on the backporch. Wow .. that OSU is quite the campus!

Anyway, it's just me and hubby at home now and we too have decided that we just don't want another pet. We run a business, travel, etc. and it's one thing we won't have to worry about now. But I won't dare go near the cat shelter--the temptation will be too much.

Norma said...

Sweet story. Thanks for sharing. Our first cat, Mystery, was all black, and our daughter about 8 caught her on a camping trip--she was too sick to run. She also lived about 18 years. We named her Mystery because we didn't know her sex.

Paula said...

Lotsa had lotsa love for a long, long time. I'm sorry for your loss, Norma. It is sweet to read these kitty stories.

Michael said...

Those three cats sounds wonderful. And sorry for your loss.
My dog also crossed the rainbow bridge just recently and I had his body at pet cremation houston tx. I've always wanted to have a cat but I'm kinda scared. I've never had one before but maybe now is the time.