Monday, October 17, 2016

Out for some retail therapy

So I was out shopping and had Rush Limbaugh on the radio while I drove home.  A caller said she was self-employed and had received a notice that her insurance would go up to $1,083 a month in January with a $6,000 deductible.  Rush opined that generally Americans are not associating him with high health care costs--just insurance companies.  The President's ratings are high (I think that's because of the election nonsense).  Although he's also not blamed for the thousands of people who have died in Syria, either from his inaction today or his actions in 2012. He's not blamed (except by people like me) for the growth of ISIS.  He's not blamed for the increase in police shootings, or the Black Lives Matter riots and property destruction (notice how quiet that has gotten in the last weeks of the campaign--little puppets on strings controlled by Democrats/George Soros).  He's not blamed for the increase in violence in the Democrat run cities after two decades of falling crime rates after he and Holder decided there were too many black men in prison.  He's not blamed for the violence and sex in Hip Hop music although he promotes the biggest billionaire performers in the White House while his wife gets faint and emotional while speaking at a Hillary event over an 11 year old tape of Donald Trump. It's like he's charmed--or black.

On someone's comments about health care today on Facebook I read that a woman who had retired at 60 couldn't afford the cost of the COBRA plan ($1200/month), so she didn't have health insurance.  Then she fell and broke her leg/knee in two places.  The total costs after a few months of tests, pins, therapy, etc. was about $1,000 because she's been negotiating all her charges and shopping around.  She would have easily paid double that if she'd had insurance between her premiums and her deductible.

The dead skunk in front of our condo complex we noticed this morning on our walk was being picked up by city workers as I left about 2 p.m.  Oh, that it were that easy for other problems.

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Anonymous said...

I paid about $300/month with a $2,500 annual deductible before Obamacare. Within 2 years, my monthly premium was nearly $800 and my deductible was $5,000 and the coverage was far inferior. And this was NOT a family policy. This was just for me!