Monday, October 24, 2016

Fourth Annual Summer School of Faith, 2016

All Christians, whether or not Catholic, have a wonderful opportunity for instruction in the faith taught by Charles Craigmile, previously president and CEO of Forseva which he sold to Equifax in 2014.and now CEO of Revenova   and philosopher at the Church of St. Mary, Lombard, Illinois.  The first year was the catechism, second was the first 500 years and Fathers of the Church,  third Catholic Social Teachings  and now in 2016 "Christian Apologetics for the 21st Century--Overcoming Modern Barriers to Faith."  It covers secularism with emphasis on Stephen Hawking and his book The Grand Design (2010), which I'm actually watching for the third time, evidence for God in physics and metaphysics, whether religion is inherently dangerous as a basis for society, the proper understanding of the Bible, and the dictatorship of relativism vs. true Christian faith. It's like having a college course taught by a youthful professor with a good sense of humor, but because it's on YouTube you can pause and review what the professor just said. Not only was I in college 50+ years ago, but I had no philosophy or religion in college or high school. Also, since I've been a Lutheran since 1976, I've had no church teaching or history between the letters of Paul and the break with Rome in 1516.

Mr. Craigmile's LinkedIn page: DePaul University, MA, Philosophy, 1987 – 1989; University of St. Thomas, University of St. Thomas, BA, Philosophy, Latin and Greek, 1981 – 1985. He's currently President and Chief Executive Officer at Revenova LLC of Chicago.

Class schedule for 2016
  • Tuesday, June 14: Modern Secularism—The False Opposition of Religion and Science
  • Tuesday, June 21: The Evidence for God in Physics and Metaphysics
  • Tuesday, June 28: Religion, Secularism and Violence in History–The Real Culprits
  • Tuesday, July 5: How to Read the Bible– Help for Secularists and Curious Christians
  • Tuesday, July 12: The Dictatorship of Relativism versus True Christian Freedom
Playlist of first three videos 

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